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Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting fingerprinted the same as a background check?

Background checks based on fingerprints involve the comparison of fingerprints of an applicant against federal and state fingerprint databases. Contrary to this these background checks are based on name. They are used to verify the applicant's professional credentials as well as education, employment history, as well as driving history.

How long do your fingerprints stay in the system?

Fingerprints are generally only kept within databases for short period of time (such for as six month) and is then destroyed unless mandated to remain in the system as part of an order from a judge for individuals who have been found guilty of a crime.

Is it possible to have your fingerprints removed?

In the past few years there have been numerous reports of criminals burning and cutting their fingerprints. Surprisingly, plastic surgeons are now being asked to assist in altering fingerprints. Legally, there is nothing against someone who alters or altering their fingerprints.

What is a fingerprint background check?

The fingerprint-based background check is carried out by cross-referencing an applicant's fingerprints against databases. In the time, fingerprints could be captured by pressing the fingers of inked fingers on the card with fingerprints. The card had be given for examination by an expert, who will examine it against fingerprints stored in the database.

How do I know if I passed my background check?

How do I know if I pass my background check? They will either call or email you to let you know that the background has cleared. You may not even receive a notification that you passed the background check – you may just receive an offer

What looks bad on a background check?

There are many reasons why a person might not pass a background test for the criminal record, discrepancies in education or a poor credit history. poor driving record, false employment history, and even a failure to pass a drug test.

Need to know pricing?


FBI Background Check

A criminal background check is a search of public records to see if someone has been convicted of a crime.

$100 - $130

FDLE Background Check

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) requires all individual’s background checks.


FINRA Submission

FINRA requires all registered representatives and investment advisor firms to conduct a background check on their employees.


Live Scan Fingerprinting

This method has been gaining popularity because it’s fast, efficient, and accurate!


Ink Fingerprinting

We provide this service for our clients who need to provide fingerprints for a criminal background check.


Fingerprint Archiving

Our fingerprinting services can be used for employment, immigration, or other personal purposes.


Passport Photos

We also provide service of making passport photos for our clients according to their requirements.


Mobile Services

Our skilled technicians will show up at your place and offer top-quality service while minimizing disruption to your surroundings.

$175 + Up

FBI Apostille's

Every state has its own set of Apostille requirements for documentation that it sends to other countries.

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