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Travelers who go overseas to work, live or attend school might be required at some point to have documents apostilled or authenticated. Apostille or Authentication is a requirement for any document. FBI background check with an apostille is a typical FBI background check, but with an additional certificate that certain countries require when going overseas.

Countries that are members of ” hauge convention” requires that visitors get their FBI report certified prior to entry into the country. 


An FBI Apostille is an important document that is necessary for travel. These documents are used for identification purposes and may be required by certain countries. An apostille service is a trusted partner when it comes to obtaining an apostille for your document. These reputable companies are trusted by the government and conduct hundreds of background checks on a weekly basis. They will make sure that the documents you need are mailed to the correct government office and returned on time.


An apostille is required for travel and other purposes. In the US, passports and other official documents must be authenticated by the US Department of State. For this reason, you may need to perform an FBI Apostille if you’re traveling to a country that requires the certification. This certification is only available for US citizens and must be obtained by a company specializing in this type of service.


You must complete a form called the DS-4194 to request authentication from the US Department of State. Most applications get rejected because of a form error. To avoid being turned down, make sure you fill out the form correctly. You must also send it by USPS 2 Priority Mail. The service charge is $20 per apostille. Apostilles will be sent within a week. If you’re traveling abroad, you should send your documents via an apostille service.

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