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FDLE Fingerprinting

FDLE Fingerprinting

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) requires all individuals who work in certain professions to be fingerprinted. Identity Print Plus is a fully accredited provider that can help you quickly and easily get your employees’ fingerprints so they are able to resume their normal activities without disruption while we’re taking care of not only themselves but also us since this takes less time than if someone went out by themself or with an unqualified person doing the job!

As a business, you can submit electronic forms to FDLE electronically. The form will be submitted by us and we’ll take care of getting all the reports too!

At Identity Print Plus we know how important time is for our customers and we make every effort in order to perform the service in a quick and professional way. We are proud to have been accredited by FDLE and we will continue to provide excellent customer service!

Thank you for choosing Identity Print Plus!

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