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Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint Cards

The fingerprint cards have been the most common method for fingerprint collection. Fingerprint cards can be taken with ink or live-scan fingerprint capture using printed cards. 


Identity prints plus offices that have standard FBI (FD-258) and FINRA fingerprint cards. Fingerprint cards can be available on any type of state-specific credit card. If you need fingerprinting on a document of any nature other than the fingerprint card, you should call our office to inquire about directions

Fingerprint Cards are printed pieces of paper used to keep track of people’s fingerprints. These cards were originally printed before the fingerprints were added. Modern equipment prints the card and the fingerprints at the same time. The fingerprints are taken digitally rather than using ink. Many law enforcement agencies use these fingerprint cards for their daily operations. These cards are used by many agencies to ensure that the fingerprints of people are stored properly. Here are some tips to make the fingerprinting process as smooth as possible.


The fingerprint card has two parts, the top section includes your name and social security number. The bottom section has a space for five fingers on each hand. The fingerprints are placed in the spaces marked with an identifier. Then, the fingerprints are recorded on the card. This process is completely secure and can be repeated as many times as necessary. There are also spaces for a thumbprint and a digitized image.


Fingerprint Cards often come with two colors of ink, with the non-fingerprint portion in blue and the fingerprint part in black. Black is preferable for scanning. The fingerprints of people of the same gender do not change throughout their lives. Children’s fingerprints are better defined at age seven, which makes identification easier. So, it’s a good idea to keep the finger print of a child on their fingerprint card.

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