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Florida Background Checks

Florida Background Checks

Florida is a state that requires all employers to conduct a background check on their employees. This law was put into place to protect the citizens of Florida from criminals who might try to take advantage of them. We provide this service for our clients so that they can comply with the law and hire employees without having to worry about their safety.

An FDLE Background Check is the best way to confirm if someone is not eligible for employment. The agency can use the information to prevent hiring people with criminal histories. There are several levels of checks available. For instance, level one background checks prohibit certain types of offenses, while level two checks only verify federal criminal records. A FDLE Background Search is accurate and reliable, so you can rest assured that your future employer will be protected.


FDLE background checks can be done in three ways: live scan fingerprints, digital prints, and rolled fingerprints. If you choose a live scan, the process will be faster and easier, since it eliminates the messy roll and ink. Additionally, it’s compatible with FBI NGI and has built-in quality checks. A live scan can take as little as ten minutes. If a fingerprint does not match the FDLE requirements, the agency will ask for a rescan to ensure that the information is accurate.


A live scan fingerprinting is the best option for FDLE background checks. This is a state-only background check, and it includes a person’s criminal history, employment history, educational background, and sex offender registry. Although this type of report may not provide state-level information, it is an effective way to check the criminal history of a person. It will help prevent unconscious crimes that may not be detected until they’ve occurred. The information that you receive is the same as for other states, but it can also include additional data.

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