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Ink Fingerprinting

Ink Fingerprinting

The Ink Fingerprinting process is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries to collect fingerprints. A person’s fingertips are rolled in ink, covering the entire surface area of one finger. Then each finger gets rolled onto cards from either side so you can easily identify which prints belong with whom! Ink fingerprinting relies on the fact that different people have different amounts of proteins in their skin, leaving behind unique fingerprints. Ink is also used to make the pigment on tattooed skin, which makes Ink Fingerprinting a simple method to obtain fingerprints.

​Ink fingerprinting is often used in the criminal justice system as a form of identification. Ink fingerprints are typically more accurate than other forms of fingerprinting, such as digital fingerprinting. Ink fingerprints are not limited by the quality of images as other forms can be. Ink fingerprints have also been known to be more resilient to damage than other types of fingerprints. Ink fingerprinting is a reliable and accurate way to identify someone. Ink fingerprints can be used to identify and match individuals.  Ink fingerprinting is also used as a form of identification for immigration purposes. Ink fingerprints are often used to identify crime suspects and victims. Ink fingerprinting is done by using the rolled inked fingers of a person to create fingerprints on paper or other material.

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