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Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan fingerprinting is a type of process that uses digital technology. This method has been gaining popularity because it’s fast, efficient, and accurate! We offer this service to our clients in order for them to feel safe from criminals who might try wire fraud or some other crime as well just based on their reckless actions such as identity theft/theft which can happen at any time without warning when someone hacks into your personal records.

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Live Scan Fingerprinting is one of the most common types of fingerprinting. It involves the taking of a person’s finger impressions without using a specialized ink. This process is highly accurate, and is often used for criminal investigations. The fingerprints of a person are unique because of this. If a person is suspected of violating the law, they can be identified by a live scan.

The fingerprints are taken at a live scanning facility, which uses a high-speed scanner to obtain them. The results are usually sent or emailed back to the requesting agency. The agency requesting fingerprints must provide the appropriate live scan forms. The agency requesting the finger prints must also provide the information for the applicant, including their POB. The name of the country in which a person was born is also important.

After verifying the applicant’s identity, the live scan operator will input personal descriptor information and capture the applicant’s fingerprints electronically. Once the images have been captured, the data is transmitted to the DOJ. In most cases, the live scan operator will provide an ATI number (Applicant Transaction Identifier) number to the applicant. This does not mean the information was submitted; the timing of the transmission of the images depends on the live scan company.

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